We provide quality service for your IT needs.

data backup and recovery

Data Backup and Recovery


Data can be lost for many different reasons. No backup plans means little or no hope of recovering critical files, such as pictures and documents, without costly recovery and downtime.

With Jafferson Data Backup, you get peace of mind knowing that all your files are encrrypted and safely backed up in the cloud. With our service, you have the ability to recover and restore your files, anytime and anywhere. You can also call our experienced IT technicians who will be happy to help recover and restore your files.

maanged security services

Managed Security Services


If you are connected to the internet, you are at risk of being infected with malicious software. This malware or ransomware can damage or delete your irreplaceable files.

With Jafferson Virus and Malware Protection, you are shielded from these cyber threats. Our local experienced IT technicians will monitor the protection status of your computer, keep your anti-virus updated, and personally alert you if there are any issues.

IT helpdesk

Remote Support


Computer problems, email issues, or printer problems getting in the way of your productivuty? You do not have to leave your home or office, or wait on the Geeks, let the Pros at Jafferson Computers connect with you remotely to solve your computer issues.

With Jafferson Remote Support and a good internet connection, you will enjoy unlimited help from us as your local experienced IT technicians to help solve your laptop/desktop or Apple Computer problems without having to leave your home or office.